high quality sandblasting in northamptonshire

Blackthorn Lake Marina, Station road
ringstead, northamptonshire, nn14 4du

Narrowboat Sand Blasting


dry or wet sandblasting available

If you are looking for Narrowboat Sand Blasting Services look no further!
At TR Narrowboat Sand Blasting we offer affordable Narrowboat Sand Blasting at competitive rates, so if you are looking for a superior finish as opposed to pressure washing, wire brushing and grinding, we can help.

  • We can use wet blasting methods to suppress dust
  • Sand blasting is time saving
  • Optimum key for new coating
  • Mill scale and marine growth removed

  • Good for surveys as can reveal any defects to hull
  • No Obligation Quote


narrowboat sandblasters in northamptonshire

We can prepare a boat for blacking in far less time than traditional manual methods and achieve a far superior key for the new blacking to adhere to.